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Overfishing, climate sap Lake Malawi

2022-05-16 Slower Fuxing bullet train on track for end of year Mozambique diplomat on Macao's 20th anniversary China helps Algeria put first satellite in orbit China develops cutting-edge chip for automatic control Unmanned cleaning vehicles begin trial run Chinese scientists develop heart-on-a-chip device to aid drug screening Lawmakers lose seats after final appeal quashed Shanghai scientists pioneer new data storage tech China-made brain pacemaker brings hope to Parkinson's patients Tencent to tap blockchain to set up supply chain finance platform Rare tree species has chance of survival Chinese researchers transform silk for use in skull surgeries China launches Yaogan 31 satellites into orbit Sudan's military council, opposition alliance ink political deal Efforts urged to bring calm to Hong Kong, with Macao serving as model Macao ready to celebrate 20th anniversary of its return Overfishing, climate sap Lake Malawi Ebola case confirmed in eastern DR Congo city Ebola outbreak in Congo declared a global health emergency