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High-tech leap to better serve the people

2022-04-22 China's modern music owes everything to stars' names 283 people held accountable in China's latest environment inspection High-tech leap to better serve the people Frozen Caohai Lake a striking winter sight Man given death sentence after causing senior's death Music label offers boost to Asia's EDM artists Boy, 6, hailed for dinosaur footprint discovery Classical performers strike resonant notes at home and abroad Beijing police capture 102 fugitives in death-related cases Bridge of culture Vocal artists perform classical Chinese music for National Day Chinese children's performance wins hearts of Serbian audiences Court in Jilin intervenes early in case linked to superspreader Guiju opera show staged at NCPA in Beijing Authorities to enhance mine safety Mao Weiming elected governor of Hunan School joins holiday preparations in Ningbo 'Four Greats' back up basic Party line Lai Xiaomin executed for corruption after review from top court