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DR Congo Ebola epidemic widens on first anniversary

2022-05-16 Sudan's military council, opposition agree on constitutional declaration StarTimes injects $1.9m in Kenya's local content development Egyptian police identify terrorist in deadly car bomb attack in Cairo 'Digital China' adds data, km of high-speed cables China unveils underwater astronaut training suit China strengthens international space cooperation Kenya impounds 200 kg of buffalo meat as war against poaching intensifies Preliminary Antarctic station prep done Chinese scientists develop new vaccine for post-surgical cancer therapy Tanzanian police say 62 killed when siphoned tanker explodes DR Congo Ebola epidemic widens on first anniversary Mozambique peace agreement signed, paves way for elections Tanzania tanker blast kills dozens as crowds siphon fuel First China Aerospace Conference to be held on April 24 China to name relay satellite for Chang'e-4 lunar probe Undersea vehicle finishes first dive Xi sends congratulatory letter to Digital China Summit Nigeria's police and army clash, president orders probe Kenya's envoy visits South Sudan for peace deal